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Regional Workshops

Agronomy and AP Members Projects

The Next Gen AP have been doing some interesting trials over the last two years and will share their results.


Keynote speaker –  Brian Young, PGG Wrightson agronomist “Why the 15T Brassica crop ends up a 9T crop.”

Here’s some of his advice.


• Planning is everything! Paddock selection, fertility, soil testing, drainage, relationship to waterways and spraying out are all important to get right.

• Think also about the sowing method in relation to crop and conditions: direct drill, drill into cultivated ground, broadcasting, ridged, precision drilled.

Brassica options

• Kale, swede, rape, turnip or hybrid (e.g. Raphno) Fertiliser

• Use a starter fertiliser, preferably some of this with the seed.

• If extra P is added, make sure it’s beneath the seed, or the roots will stay on the surface seeking it out.

• Minimise sulphur use with brassicas.

• Avoid over-use of late autumn nitrogen so you don’t get nitrite poisoning when plants have taken up too much N. Season

• Different cultivars have different maturity dates. Some kales are good winter and summer feeds.

For the rest of Brian's advice click on this <<link>> to the Deer Industry News article:


Southland Next Gen AP project presentations:

  • Fawn wastage identified with technology – Matt Canton
  • Fawn deaths from acute Copper deficiency  – Bruce Paterson
  • The significance of regrowth – Josh Gill
  • Does Injectable B12 in deer have a benefit – Alan Clarke
  • Managing extended rutting behaviour of stags  – Nathan Coburn
  • Transforming a Wapiti mating problem  – Tom Wylie
  • Dramatic response in weaner winter growth with Copper  – Aaron Nind
  • The effect on growth of mob social structure  - Troy Griffith

For more information phone facilitator Dave Lawrence on 03 236 4117 or

Regional Workshop details

Southland Next Generation Advance Party
30 Oct 2018
Bruce & Jenny Paterson 410 Lower Scotts Gap Road, Otautau