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Some useful templates and data sheets for all deer farmers are attached below:

Level 1 Data Requirements - This is a template for new Advance Party participants, or any farmers, to record their farming and deer objectives, plus simple farm descriptions.  This can act as a guiding document when considering what actions can be taken to improve the performance of deer, and referred back to to measure any changes over time.

Deer Performance Analysis Sheets - This spreadsheet has been designed to allow the collection and analysis of farm productivity information to provide measures of performance of various deer enterprises.  The P2P project team has agreed on the standard metrics to be used to generate performance measures for Breeding, Replacements, Finishing and Velvet.  The spreadsheets are designed so that you do not have to fill in every detail, starting and finishing measures will provide a result.

Deer Growth Curves  - click here for the deer growth curves spreadsheet that will allow a calculation of gross income from venison finishing operations, or a calculation of expected conception rates in R2 hinds.

Winter Feed Cost Calculator - A comprehensive spreadsheet to calculate cents per kgDM consumed of winter feeds.


Documents for Advance Parties

AP Project Template - To help describe a change that can be made and how the impact of the change can be observed.

Advance Party Meeting One Agenda - For new APs, this is the standard format of a first meeting, designed to give participants an idea of what an Advance Party is for, and the commitment farmers need to make if they want to join.

Advance Party Facilitator Guidelines - For facilitators and AP Chairs to read to understand the purpose of an Advance Party and the role and duties of the paid facilitator.

P2P Regional Workshop Guide - For facilitators, Chairs and all AP members to understand the requirements of a annual P2P Regional Workshop.

AP Chairs Duties - What are the duties of an Advance Party Chair.