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Weaner Growth Performance

The main focus for Karen Middleberg on her family farm was around producing better weaners and principally through improved lactational performance. View project details

Feeding Supplements to hinds and fawns

Dallas and Sarah Newlands and the SCNO The Advance Party noted that the hills at Maraeweka were very dry (2 Dec 2014) and the newly developed rape & grass paddocks had barely struck. View project details

Increase Velvet Harvest

Hamish and Pip from Ben Dhu Station want to consistently cut 4kg of velvet per animal. View project details

Weaner Growth Performance

Hamish and Pip Smith from Ben Dhu Station want to produce 60kg weaners at the end of March and consistently wean 90%. View project details

Feeding Deer Nuts

Ken Norman wanted to monitored the effect of feeding deer nuts to velvet stags from button drop until velveting, he then measured velvet weights to see if there was a difference. He wanted to determine whether there was an economic benefit to feeding concentrate supplements to velvet stags. View project details