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Improving weaner growth rates

The Harpers have recently bought in a hill block to their deer unit and want to understand its potential carrying capacity and performance View project details

Improved Weaner Finishing

Hamish and Danette want to improve their weaner finishing by achieving a 60kg average carcass weight and an average kill date of November 15th. View project details

Weaners-store vs finishing

Store weaners vs finishing weaners on Southland hill country, Robert Legg – Southland. Robert was contemplating selling his weaners as store weaners, as a feature of his annual system. Robert, along with his Advance Party group investigated the cost of creating more feed vs the return from finishing the weaners View project details

Weaner Growth Performance

Jacquetta ward Wants to increase weaner growth without altering her stock numbers. View project details

Accelerating Velvet Gain

George Williams and Laura Billing's aim is to accelerate velvet gain progress through improved hind genetics. View project details