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Spray and Pray Hill Development for Deer

The Outcome Subsequent AP meeting updates View project details

Effect of Delayed Kill Date on Net Income

Results: Farm A (40 day delay) Animals increased LWT by 21kg but schedule dropped by 75c/kg 10/10/15: 107kg LWT x.56 yield x $8.75= $524/head (predicted) View project details

Pre-rut weaning trial on dry Canterbury hills

Outcomes •10kg increase in weights by start of winter achieved by pre mate weaning View project details

4 feeding regimes measured over the course of the winter

With clearly defined benefit to feeding a complimentary feed with Fodderbeet the marginal benefit supports using it again this winter. View project details

HBAP winter crops 2015

all crops that were to be fed to deer were measured on AP farms •management options were discussed one on one at the time of cutting View project details