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Wintering MA stags on kale lifts velvet weights at Tuivale

Tuivale, a 570 hectare farm near Waipawa is owned by Rob and Deb Wilson and managed by Doug Charmley who looks after the operation including 1,560 deer, 500 cattle and 100 sheep. View project details

Geoff Pullar - More Velvet, Less Work

Although Geoff Pullar can’t claim the 60kg increase in cut velvet from his Wapiti stags is because of solely nut feeding, he’s sure it’s helped. View project details

Removing Stags Early to Increase Profit

By mating more hinds than he intends to fawn, and removing the stags early, Simon moves average conception date forward, resulting in more deer heavier, earlier.   View project details

Multi-mineral injection has no effect on weaner growth rates.

A pre-winter jab of a multi-mineral treatment did nothing to boost winter weaner growth rates. That was the finding of a two mob comparison trial by Bruce Allan in 2015. View project details

Does Regular Yarding Supress Weaner Growth Rates?

Staff suspected that the regular yarding was causing stress and pegging back growth rates judging by the appearance of some weaners as the season progressed. View project details