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Impeding Pedicle Development Impacts Velvet Production

On the project farm, the fawns are housed indoors for their first winter and fed pasture baleage and deer nuts. View project details

Harvesting spiker velvet.

In the 2015/16 season two farms delayed the kill date of spikers to evaluate the cost benefit. View project details

Reducing fawn deaths from cryptosporidium

An issue with fawn deaths around Christmas time due to cryptosporidium was a recurring issue for one farm. The year before the AP started they had lost 20% of their fawn crop. View project details

All members changed velvet stag feeding regime

While all in the group have committed to a project or projects within their own farming operation to focus on, there have been a lot of gains and improvements that have been made apart from these. View project details

Boosting velvet production in drought

Miles Hellberg bought ‘Matahiwi’, a 139 hectare (ha) property near Waipawa in 2013. View project details