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Increased Conception and Survival Rate

John and Mary Falconer of Clachanburn station, aim to increase conception and survival rate to sale from 88% to 94% by June 2016. View project details

Weaner Growth Performance

Mark Ivey of Glentanner Station wanted to increase the growth rate of his weaners. Suggestions were made to BCS the hinds then supplmentary feed hinds and weaners in late lactation to increase growth rates View project details

Fast Finishing of Weaners

Dan and Marja Stack would like to achieve a better than $0.20/kgDM gross margin by: changing (optimising) live weight gain (consuming minimum of feed to get to killable weight) View project details

Pre vs Post Rut Weaning and Impact On Hind Performance

The Gaddums were having variations in their reproductive peformances between different mobs of hinds of the same age/breed. They wanted to investigate whether the pre vs post rut weaning choices were impacting on this View project details