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Wapiti Bulls Mating Policy

Tom Wylie, Lora Valley Farms, said mating older hinds with wapiti terminal sires in 2017 gave a poor result with only 64 percent in calf. View project details

Monitoring Regrowth

The farm is a mixed venison and velvetting enterprise. Velvet is the main passion and they are setting the bar high for themselves. View project details

Copper Boost

Nind Deer in northern Southland did an on-farm trial to check whether the pre-winter copper injections routinely given to weaners were actually worth it. View project details

Copper problem

This manifested in fawns before weaning where they were arthritic and crippled with a characteristic “bunny-hoping” gait. They died or required euthanasia. View project details

Minimal response to B12

In a split trial in spring with weaner hinds grazed together on red clover for 67 days, half were given a 3ml “Smartshot” injection and the others were untreated. View project details