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National Workshops

2019 Advance Party National Workshop

The 2019 Advance Party National Workshop is taking place 29 & 30 July 2019 at the Te Awamutu Rugby Sports & Recreation Club, Waipa.


The National Workshop is open to all members of Advance Parties. Numbers are limited so registrations are on a first come first served basis.  The Workshop will focus on issues deer farmers face and the changes that members have made since being in Advance Parties.

This year’s workshop sessions will be held on farms of members of the Waipa AP. Attendees will travel to host farms to have a look at one aspect of management on the host property, and then discuss specific management topics of interest to the group spending time working together through AP members’ questions. Each workshop will identify key opportunities for improved performance by drawing on the expertise and experiences within the group, from a range of technical resources and from subject matter experts who will be with every group.
Programme Outline - Mon 29 July 2019 (Day 1)

11:00am - Registrations open
12:00pm - Lunch
12:30pm - Welcome & Introduction to workshop session
12:45pm - Travel to host farms
1:30pm - Workshop session 1
4:30pm - Return travel to Te Awamutu
5:15pm - Workshop session 1 Review
5:45pm - Workshop session 1 Finish
7:00pm - Dinner - Te Awamutu Rugby Sports Club
9:00pm- Close

Programme Outline - Tues 30 July 2019 (Day 2)

7:45am - Introduction to workshop session
8:00am - Travel to host farms
8:45am - Workshop session 2
11:45pm - Return travel to Te Awamutu
12:30pm - Workshop session 2 Review
1:00pm - APNW Workshop Review
1:30pm - Lunch & Finish.

Advance Parties and the National Workshop are funded by Deer Industry New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries through the Passion2Profit Primary Growth Partnership.

Travel and Accommodation
- DINZ will pay for flights to and from Te Awamutu for the first 50 registrants who need them.
- DINZ will arrange transfers to/from both Auckland and Hamilton Airports for those coming in from outside of Waipa.
- Attendees will pay for their own accommodation and breakfast and also dinner on Monday night.
- Dinner will cost $35.00 per person.
- Rooms have been reserved on the 29th July in Te Awamutu.  DINZ will book rooms in the names of those who confirm their attendance as required. Room rates vary from $80.00 to $190.00 for a single, double, treble and family rooms.
- Workshop meals during the day (morning/afternoon tea and lunch) and materials are covered by DINZ.
- Please complete the survey below to confirm registration.


Workshops details

Working Group: 
Advance Party National Workshop
29 Jul 2019
Te Awamutu Rugby Sports and Recreation Club, 420 Albert Park Dr, Te Awamutu 3800