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National Workshops

2018 Advance Party National Workshop

The 2018 Advance Party National Workshop took place Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 June 2018 at the Mount Hutt Memorial Hall and Heritage Centre in Methven.

The National Workshop is open to all members of Advance Parties

The National Workshop focuses on issues deer farmers face and the changes that members have made since being in Advance Parties.


The intensity of learning at the 2018 Advance Party National Workshop stepped up a couple of gears on previous years. The event, on 11-12 June, made a welcome return to Methven after a two-year break. The 41 Advance Party members were well supported by some of the best brains in the deer industry as they worked through the two-day programme.

Attendees were supported by nine Advance Party facilitators and nine “knowledgeable assistants” who were on hand to provide information within their field of expertise. They were kept busy throughout the two days and while it was handy to be able to tap into this knowledge in person, a strong theme emerged: most of this expertise is also readily available to all deer farmers through the Deer Hub and the growing catalogue of Deer Fact sheets.


Click on the documents in the panel to the right to download the Farm Case Studies, notes from sessions and the Presentations from Advance Party Members.

When I get home…

As a finishing exercise for the workshop, each participant was invited to stand up and say what changes they would make back on their farm as a result of attending. Here’s a small sampling.

I’m going to do some water quality testing to see if the environmental work we do will make a difference. – Graham Peck, Canterbury Velvet AP

I will look at fertiliser use – the amount, placement and whether I put it on in certain areas. – James Hewitt, Hawke’s Bay Fast Finishers AP

I’ll turn up the dial more on the R2 hinds and get them through to puberty sooner. – Jason Rentoul, Tasman/Marlborough AP

I’m going to look at some of our data and fawning percentages to see where we can improve. – Emma Lawson, Hawke’s Bay Fast Finishers AP

I will analyse more accurately where I’m missing targets when I’m looking at wastage – scanning, weaning and survival to sale. I want to see where I can make the greatest gains. – David Seifert, Central North Island Data AP

Not all pastures are equal. When I get home I’ll be doing some pasture quality assessment. – Justin Stevens, Tasman/ Marlborough AP

I’ll be planting more trees, not just for the environmental benefit but also for [ fawning] and for shade. – James Pearse, Canterbury Velvet AP

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