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AP Meetings

Lyndon & Millie Matthews


Please note a change of venue: We will meet at Lyndon & Millie Matthews; Puketira Deer at 1pm

In the minutes of our meeting at Greta Canyon in February the following suggestion was recorded for your awareness:

“As we approach weaning and mating please try and record some weaner weights, and maiden hind mating weights. Please also take note of what condition score the hinds are weaned at. Have they been fed well through lactation and will they take the stag early? We will  try and collate some of this data as a group  when we meet in May.”

In the minutes after our South Canterbury visit in April the following was proposed:

“Unless anyone has other suggestions how about we look to come together in June to look at what we have all achieved with autumn growth rates in our weaners. We will look to load our weaning weight data and 1 June weight data onto the growth rate charts to benchmark our individual properties against industry guidelines. I may get Ben Allott to come and speak on lungworm given our recent challenge with this.”

Its now June and winter has arrived !


Meeting Agenda

1-2pm   Around the group, whats been happening on group member properties since last we met. Forresters on -farm sale,  Did the Johnson’s lift any fodder beet?, The Deer Industry conference in Wellington, the mating season,  autumn weaner weights , any early pregnancy testing results.

2-3pm   A look at something on farm at Puketira Deer – weaners on kale or hinds on self feed silage.

Then travel over to The Hogget at Hawarden

3- 4pm  Ben Allott , North Canterbury vets to talk about best practice for dealing with parasitism in deer.

4-5pm   Group members to collate data on autumn weaner growth rate (weaner stags and weaner hinds). We will also compare these weights with Deer Industry growth charts to see how we are tracking for spring kill dates/weights and replacement hind growth rates.



What was the Group’s Programme for 2019?

How are we progressing?

At the end of 2018 the group made the following suggestions:

Greta Valley day/Tru Test/ Stags on Summer Feed  - activity completed in February 19 Visit a large South Canterbury operation – visited Alliance DSP in Timaru , and Rooney Farms finishing operation in Taiko, South Canterbury -  April 19 Ben Allott – Drench recommendations  – forth coming meeting in June Liveweight Charts for the group – forth coming meeting in June Velvet Herd Performance Visit Alf Kinzett – Murchison Visit another Advance party  - perhaps Nelson? Venison margin finishing - $1/day or should that be $1.50/day? Visit our previous facilitator’s farm !

At our June meeting we can discuss further how we might progress these remaining topics over the second half of the year.

In closing

Mark your calendars for the 2019 Advance Party National Workshop in Te Awamutu.  The 2019 edition will include workshops on deer farms in the area.  All members of Advance Parties are invited, but places will be limited on a first come first served basis.

The gathering will be 2 half days, starting lunchtime Monday 29 and finishing lunchtime Tuesday 30 July. DINZ will arrange transport to and from Te Awamutu for members of Advance Parties. The national workshop focuses on deer farming production issues and the changes that members have made since being in Advance Parties.

 The workshop is free of charge and DINZ will cover travel costs.  Accommodation and dinner will be paid for by attendees.

Further details to follow: If you wish to reserve a place please contact Rob Aloe, Project Manager, Deer Industry New Zealand on (04) 473 4500 or



Meeting details

North Canterbury Advance Party
14 June 2019
01:00 pm to 04:00 pm
Puketira Deer