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AP Meetings

Landscape DNA

Landscape DNA: A new approach to water quality modelling that better accounts for the influence of the natural landscape.

Researchers in the Physiographic Environments of New Zealand (PENZ) project, part of the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge, have developed a new methodology to integrate water quality data with existing map layers (such as soil, geology, topography, and land cover) to map and model the processes that control the variability of water quality.

At this AP meeting we will look at the maps developed for the group 3 years ago and understand how the mapping approach has evolved. We will see the new landscape DNA layer applied to Bruce Allans farm, one of our group members. Opportunity to identify how this mapping can help us better manage paddocks to look after water quality and identify mitigations to help with this. 

We will also hear about how this mapping is being carried out in the Mataura Catchment for Environment Southland and how it might be integrated into future policy approaches and what this might mean for Deer farmers in Southland. 

Meeting details

Southland Environment
24 August 2022
01:00 pm to 04:00 pm
266 Bowmar Road Waimumu