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AP Meetings

Graham Birch - Atiamuri


Before the day give some thought to the Questions posed especially regarding: reducing reliance on crop and PKE; and lucerne

The broad agenda is:


10am     Meet at the workshop for t&c which is up past the house at 774 Parsons Rd.

10.15     Recap on last meeting

                Roundup of current situation on farms (bring scan results and velvet weights if available)

                Farm goals, challenges and questions for the group

11.00     Farm View

1.00        Back to workshop for lunch (subgroups working on solutions to Questions)          

1.30        Discussion time

·         Questions/Solutions

·         Current Topics

 2.15        Wrap up.

Take home messages/actions

Feedback on facilitators group meeting in ChCh

Next meeting date and venue (Don & Liz – Feb?)


Meeting details

Bay of Plenty
14 November 2018
10:00 am to 02:00 pm
774 Parsons Road, Atiamuri.