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Clive Jeremy talk from Stanfield Oaks deer stud - Bushmere Arms


Thanks to Tom Sanson's hard work and funding from DINZ, we have secured Clive Jeremy to come up from Wanaka to talk to our group about the ins and outs of purchasing velvet sires. 


I'm sure most of you will know Clive, from his previous endeavours with the Stanfield Oaks deer stud. He is a wealth of knowledge on deer genetics so it will be fascinating to hear his views on the topic. Currently Clive has a deer museum in Wanaka which I imagine will have an amazing history of deer farming and a spectacular display of antlers on show. His website is if you wanted to have a look.


If you don't know Clive this news article tells you a bit of what he has done in the past.


Meeting details

Gisborne Advance Party
14 November 2018
02:30 pm to 06:00 pm
Bushmere Arms