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AP Meetings

Ben Andersons


Ben is a new member to the group and purchased John Douglas’s farm last year. Since then there has been an enormous amount of development done including:

  • A brand new water system
  • Major deer shed renovations
  • A fair few kilometres of deer fencing
  • A significant amount of fertiliser applied


However Ben still has many more questions to be answered and would love your input!


Topics of interest include;

  1. Pasture management: what to do with a large amount of undeveloped pasture
  2. How to utilise the flats on the front country to the full potential
  3. Stock policy: Does he need cattle/sheep in the system?



Meeting details

Progressive Hawkes Bay Advance Party
04 July 2019
01:00 pm to 04:00 pm
1527 Wakarara road