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AP Videos

Simon Wright – Southland Advance Party Advance Party member Simon Wright talks about Fairlight Station, his opportunities and the reason he became involved in an Advance Party. The Deer Industry Passion 2 Profit programme (P2P) which includes the development of trial Advance Parties around the country.

Dan Harper – Dan and Georgie Harper of Quartz hill Station are members of the Canterbury Advance Party. Dan talks about the changes he has made from being in an Advance Party with a recent shift from selling all weaner’s on farm, to hopefully being able to finish all stock. Dan explains how they are going about this with changes to feeding regimes and bringing in more hill country for the deer.

Fraser Laird – Netherdale, Wanganui. Fraser talks about his deer farming business and why he chose to join the Central Regions Advance Party. Fraser describes some of the key opportunities they identified and the changes they will be making as a result of Advance Party sessions, specifically around targeted feeding of velvet stags at key times of the year.

Grant Charteris – Forest Road Farm’, Hawkes Bay. 
Grant is a member of the Hawkes Bay Advance Party and gives his views on the Deer Industry Passion 2 Profit initiative and why he is a member of an Advance Party.
The Charteris operation is predominantly velvet focused and Grant explains why the group is able to assist each other by offering ideas and making small changes to current practises to improve each other’s businesses.

Kiri Rupert – Talks about what being in the South Canterbury Advance Party means for her as a Next Generation deer farmer coming back to the home farm to learn all she can from those knowledgeable deer farmers in the region.

Paddy Boyd – Haldon Station, talks about being part of a deer industry Advance Party in the MacKenzie Basin. Paddy is a driving force behind the establishment of the Mackenzie group and enjoys getting in a room with other local deer farmers to brainstorm and share ideas on how to improve overall deer performance in their businesses.