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Advance Parties

An Advance Party is a well-supported group of motivated deer farmers who identify and implement focused opportunities to lift profit on their individual farms which are consistent with P2P and its mission of More deer, heavier, earlier & better. The Advance Party members demonstrate the gains they make to their wider community and nationally to enable wider adoption.

The deer industry is supporting the Advance Parties because...we know deer farmers are collaborative by nature and want to learn from each other. We also know that most deer farmers tend to learn best where they can see changes, relate them to their own farms and are able to trial them. Advance Parties are a new way to support change using these attributes and preferences.
Advance Parties create change…by learning and trialling different techniques as part of a supportive group to see their effect on profit, and sharing the results with the wider deer farming community.
The purpose of an Advance Party is to be a catalyst for change by demonstrating new or different deer farming methods or technologies to inspire change for increased profit.

Each Advance Party will have the following attributes:

  • It identifies the possible; and
  • Demonstrates the achievable; by
  • Explaining and assisting how to 'get there'; so as to
  • Instil confidence; which
  • Provides the majority of farmers the means to adopt the change on their own properties to create a national lift in profitability.

The name Advance Party is used to differentiate the group from a ‘Discussion Group’. An Advance Party is not a traditional discussion group. An Advance Party is not primarily about ‘discussion’ - members are committing to shared personal and farm business development, their data, methods, plans, results, problems and successes.

The benefits from Advance Parties are not limited to the farmers in the group. They are a means of testing and refining profit gain opportunities and demonstrating those methods (and their limitations) to the wider deer farming community.